Terra Sole Nurseries

Growing Everything Under the Sun

Welcome to our Garden!

Our Demonstration Garden is our testing ground (pun intended) for new plants, drought adaptability, climate adaptability and low maintenance.

One of our trial beds testing the tolerances of Echinacea varieties

Our test gardens change with the seasons.

Fall in the Garden

Spring in the Garden with Sally Holmes Climbing Rose.

Visit our Demo Garden!

We give guided tours by appointment.  If we are not busy with other customers we will give you an on-the-spot personal tour.  Many of the plants in the test gardens are for sale in the nursery.  We will propagate to order so feel free to fall in love with a plant and know we will grow it for you.

Late Summer in the Garden

Unexpected freezes allow us to test plant cold hardiness too.

Spring colors. 

Cordylines & Phormiums

 give all season color.